Unheeded Secret by Oswald Chambers

Jesus Don’t Leave Home Without Him –  Have Needs… Jesus is your Source

Uncertaintyonly God’s Mercy & God’s Grace are a Certainty for the Believer

The Sourceare you someone’s source… you are out of the will of God

Despair – Turning Defeat into Victory

Jedi Mind TrickAre you coming up short in life.  Things never seem to work out?

Stupid is as Stupid DoesIs Life not working out for you… Do you find pitfalls at every  Turn?

Am I Looking to GodFind Answers to Your Problems… Submit and enjoy peace and joy

Why Do We FearPeter walks on Water

Atonement – The TitheDo You Really Trust God

Joy Of the Lordbetter to know the Joy of the Lord than happiness.

Testing of Faith – Oswald Chambers –The Promises of God Revealed

Discipline of the Lord – Oswald Chambers – How God Molds the Maturing Christian.

Burning Heart – Oswald Chambers –  How to be excited in the things you do.

Reliance on GodDoing what you can not do

God Wants Us to Know Him  Utmost.org July 11 – Include God In all of you daily experiences.

His Birth our Redemption December 25 utmost.org – Why Christ was Born and Why our Spiritual Life Depends upon that